ABRSM Aural Trainer Grades 6-8

ABRSM Aural Trainer Grades 6-8

By The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (Publishing) Limited

Score: 4.5
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The OFFICIAL ABRSM Aural Trainer contains interactive challenges to help develop your music aural skills (listening skills). Anyone can use it, but it is designed around ABRSM’s aural tests for Grades 6 to 8. The app can be used in any order, however often you like, on your own or with your teacher. Use ABRSM Aural Trainer to: • Exercise your musical memory (remember how music sounds and be able to repeat it). • Develop your confidence and accuracy at sight-singing (reading and singing the music you see). • Improve your recognition of cadences, chords and modulations. • Learn to describe texture, structure, dynamics, articulation, tempo and tonality. • Practise identifying the features in music that make-up its style and character. • Develop the skills to know when a piece of music was written. The app covers the following ABRSM aural test content: • Melodic Repetition • Sight-singing • Cadences • Chords • Modulations • Musical Features • Rhythmic Repetition • Metre All exercises are fully interactive. Each one gives you the opportunity to repeat the question, or to compare your response to the correct answer and hear the music again . The app also features supporting tools including a cadence trainer, progress tracker and guides to the aural tests in ABRSM graded music exams. Many exercises are automatically marked by the application. Self-review and critical listening are also key to successful development of the musical ear, which is why the app provides tools for you to review and evaluate your performance against sample responses in all cases. Your progress is logged whenever you use the app, so you can always see at a glance the areas you might want to revisit.



  • Average

    By Breaded prawn
    Well laid out. Good for sight singing and melodic repetition. As for the musical features question it is not very useful and it makes you choose one of an option of answers - I would prefer a list to learn on another section of the app just like the cadence trainer. With sight singing and melodic repetition it just repeats the same five or six questions and occasionally you get a new one. When a repeated one appears, there is no option to skip which is annoying. Still worth the money but I would prefer more questions and better musical features and rythmic repetition section.