Partnership Card

Partnership Card

By John Lewis Financial Services Limited

Score: 2.5
From 35 Ratings


This free UK mobile app is designed for Partnership Card customers to manage their credit card on the go. Download it now to: • Keep track of how many John Lewis and Waitrose points you’ve earned • Review your balance, credit limit & available credit • Make a payment to your account • See your card transactions & statements • Use our secure messaging system to contact us • Register your overseas travel plans • Receive a payment due alert to make managing your account even easier The Partnership Card app is designed to work with iPhones using iOS 8 and above. It is therefore not fully compatible with iPads. To use the Partnership Card app you'll need to be the primary cardholder on your Partnership Card account and have a UK mobile number registered on that account.



  • What a shame

    By Trinity Trees
    Considering that this has been in the pipeline for over a year, its a shame that you have another password to log on. How many passwords fo they expect you have remember Yes iPhone fingerprint scan would be easier. Also no logout button
  • Cannot even register. Rubbish

    By Saps69
    Fill in all registration details accurately, yet get a message that I cannot be verified. Waste of time!
  • For goodness sake!

    By Sueg123
    This was horrible to set up and I doubt I will ever use it. You ask for a nice long secure password with letters numbers and special characters - used my one password app to auto generate one and then find a can’t even paste it in which means every time I have to use this app I will have to look it up then WRITE IT DOWN then re-enter it. As a result I will never bother to use it. Don’t you ever trial your software on real users before releasing it. The website is just the same - horrible and complex and frankly unusable
  • disappointing

    By Richardmk0008
    i can see why the release was delayed so long. its a pain having to enter password and not able to use touch ID. The font is very small and hard to read. Otherwise it does the job but lacks innovation
  • Discouraging secure passwords

    By betterPasswords
    IMO using a password manager is mandatory to keep passwords and so financial information, safe. By not allowing passwords to be pasted and not supporting TouchID/FaceID, the security of the password for this app must be compromised: most people are going to need to write it down. Please, please fix this exposure; I don’t want to have to reveal or remember my passwords. At least I’ll be able to review my balance without a password, which is a benefit.
  • Poor design and not customer focused

    By wtlau
    Too basic functionality. Additional password needed and not tied to keychain. No Touch ID functionality. No tie to automatically populate card details for payment. Would be good to have system labelling for purchasing on additional cards as well. Check out the Amex app to see how a credit card app should be done.
  • Basic but appears to work

    By Firminafirm
    As most other reviewers say it lacks fingerprint entry. Hopefully it will work and get better
  • Login hard work

    By Mick pescador
    Why can we not use Apple Touch ID or Face Recognition??? All other apps do, including all the big banks.
  • Poor just like their service

    By Jasdba
    Unable to register to use the app for the first time as it refuses to recognise your correctly entered details. Mirror image of their website where similar issues exist.
  • Poor design encourages bad password choice

    By whonickedallthenames
    As others have noted - must provide a new 7-20 digit complex password, but no way to generate a random one using a password manager and paste it in at setup, you must type it manually. And as there’s apparently no Touch ID either, you will need to type it in again every time. Been waiting for this app but until it’s usable I’ll pass.