Endless Drive

Endless Drive

By FrozenPepper

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-12-21
  • Current Version: 1.16
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 194.43 MB
  • Developer: FrozenPepper
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 2.5
From 65 Ratings


Endless truly procedural roads across different biomes and beautiful scenarios to experience the joy of driving. With builtin web radio streaming, realistic physics and a night and day cycle it's up to you how to experience the game, pick a slow and resistant car to have a long, safe and relaxing drive on the freeway across the desert, or grab a supercar, take the first exit and end up on a windy and tight mountain road. Respect speed limits or escape the police, drive on paved roads or on sand ones, and all while listening to your favourite music. You'll increase your score for each meter driven, but speed, road difficulty and time of day can greatly alter how much score you'll make and different scoreboards for each car can turn each session into a new challenge that can adapt to many different drive/play styles. Keep in check your fuel and vehicle damage, and stop at service stations to refuel and repair your car, but beware, if you crash, finish your fuel or get arrested, you'll start back from the first mile and al your score will be lost. We are committed to improve and expand Endless Drive and we would love any kind of feedback, bug report or suggestions you can provide , emailing us at ed@frozenpepper.it via Facebook at www.facebook.com/frozenpepper or twitter @frozenpepper .



  • Very bad

    By jessgarrad
    The game won’t even start, I’ve been in the loading screen for 20 minuets 😂🤦‍♀️
  • Bad

    By .nh.
    Why would I want to play something that is identical to, and as dull as my daily commute to work?
  • Really bad

    By strats da gamer
    First the loading screen is so long I could have lived my whole life fully and you need to pay for more cars and it gets boring
  • Yay!!

    By Scottykin
    New update just came out fixing endless load game is quite fun to mess around with still some more updates and things to come yet but overall enjoyable
  • Read

    By uh oh spaghettios!!!!1690
    Just sat there and it didn't load
  • Very entertaining!

    By ItzLisi
    This game is really fun to play if you like driving games I love the fact you have to fill up your gas. The graphics aren’t the best but are still pretty good. You also get a good selection of cars for free compared to other games!
  • Crashes on startup every time on iPhone 6

    By Fred Munro
    Pointless, completely unplayable on iPhone 6. First load screen, five seconds later, crash. Restart phone. Start game, crash. Clear Memory, start game. CRASH. Waste of bandwidth downloading.
  • Enjoyable

    By Sheff2412
    I like this game, it works fine on my new iPad, I think perhaps some people need to upgrade if they’re having problems, for a free game it’s great, as for the bad reviews yes it takes a little longer to load but blimey people really do expect a lot for free these days don’t they? Cheap skates. As for the controls I find them easy to use and not complicated at all compared to some driving games. Good job.
  • .......... LOADING

    By LAG !!!
    First go, went on for what felt like a lifetime loading so had to exit, second go arrested by police while travelling 😂😂 then the LOADING screen again so gave up, no doubt would be a good game but why release something that clearly doesn’t work yet? Nobody test things these days 🙈
  • Read all,

    By Masteryoshi787
    Honestly, after playing this for 5 minutes I found myself looking for some bleach to drink. This game is so bad. Just bad. First off, you can only drive like, three cars and pay real money for the rest. Oh, but that's fine, you can watch an ad and get ONE test drive and btw the cars are clearly made of plastic as they explode after two hits! But, the graphics in this game are amazing. Honestly, it's just like real life, I mean my car in real life has a white outline for sure. And are we in some kind of place where green is the only car colour available? Because I could only manage to choose a green lambrodini (great name btw) I mean, where is my yellow?! So all in all, it's a crap game. Any way to improve it? Definitely. Start by changing the graphics, if you can do really realistic, do it. If you can't, make it cartoony. Second, make it less of a cash grab, no one's Gonna pay 1.99 for a new car in a mobile game. At least make an in game currency of some sort. Which leads me to my next point, make kind of scenario game where occasionally there are meteor showers or something and you get $500 for surviving it. Also, you could get some cash for flipping other cars over. It is a very good game idea you have, but it's just so poorly executed that it makes it bad. I think that if you improve it enough, you could have a great game here. P.s. Sorry for the negativity ☹.