iLightShow for Philips Hue

iLightShow for Philips Hue

By Nicolas Anjoran

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2017-06-25
  • Current Version: 1.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 38.07 MB
  • Developer: Nicolas Anjoran
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 199 Ratings


iLightShow is the best app that connects Apple Music and Spotify streaming services to Philips Hue and LIFX lighting systems. Perfect to make your home parties really awesome! Transform your apartment or house into a real dancefloor. Simple but efficient, iLightShow does not need many options, you just need to login to Apple Music or Spotify and link your Philips Hue Bridge, we do all the rest for you. Why should you use iLightShow? During parties with friends, turn on your LIFX / Philips Hue lights and transform your house or apartment into a festive place. Relax while listening to music and create your own ambiance, from chill to electro, iLightShow will create light effects on all musical styles. Want to stay awaken while working at home? iLightShow can provide you with a lot of powerful energy. Features: • Real-time Philips Hue / LIFX lights synchronization with Apple Music or Spotify Music • Super accurate - works on top of Spotify audio analysis • Stop / Resume Apple Music or Spotify playback as much as you need • Add / Remove Hue / LIFX bulbs during the show just with one click! • Control the brightness and the intensity of the show • Either let the app control the colors or select your owns • Automatic Light effects, like strobe (Stroboscope) • Delay the sync when using external accessories • Sonos speakers synchronization Requirements: • Philips Hue Bridge and some Philips Hue Smart Bulbs (for more information, see or some LIFX lights • An Apple Music account OR Spotify Music Account Need some support? Contact me on Twitter or Facebook at @iLightShow



  • Forced to pay £5

    By JackBauer's son
    Unless you pay the £5 it’s pointless to use the app.
  • Works great with Apple Music!!

    By Ssfgyjfsehhfe
    Have tried a few other music syncing apps for my hue go and this is by far the best (if you purchase pro @ £4.99) A few suggestions for improvement would be - 1) the ability to save your custom presets 2) ability to set saturation per colour rather than per whole preset (same goes for brightness but I would use saturation edititing more) 3) I personally would like to be able to save my custom presets to specific tracks so when I play that track, a saved colour preset automatically comes on Overall I love this app and am just enjoying getting high and chilling with the lights changing to the beat 👍🏼
  • One of if not the best apps for use with Hue

    By Dreadwyn
    I’ve never really expected much from 3rd party apps working with hue. There’s some nice ideas with poor execution. This however I’m pleased to say is the exception. Very simple to get working and in my case has worked flawlessly. I’m really impressed with how well you can tune the light > music sync and how responsive it is. I would light to see more customisation options, presets and better explanations of settings. I would also like a secondary lights option so that you could have more than one group of lights working so the 2nd group kicks in only on extremities of the song. Pricey, but in my opinion worth every penny. Good work!
  • Just missing one thing!

    By Spike64maia
    So far, this app has been 100% perfect. So nice to see one of these Hue party apps that syncs with media that wasn’t a scam to rob you of £5. Especially when you turn on microphone syncing, the timing is perfect. Definitely worth the money for premium. Only one wish, and that is, when you are using multiple lights of love to see an optional toggle to make it so all the lights are the same colour when changing as they all do different colours at the moment, which is cool, but can be overwhelming. Otherwise, fine! And, also a note to the developer, if there are any opportunities to make another app, might I recommend one for the Apple TV which syncs hue lights with the movies, as that market is currently very flawed! Well done! - A very satisfied customer
  • Best in class!

    By Tute90
    It's not often I write reviews however I feel this app deserves credit. I've used this now for a week using its Spotify integration and it works seamlessly. The use of the Spotify audio analysis API is the key here as the lights match the music perfectly. I can get a song playing with Google home and as long as I have the app open, the light show starts automatically. Top marks to the developer... Looking forward to future iterations.
  • Very good!

    By Dani00099
    I use this app with Sonos and Apple Music, and after I spent some time adjusting the timing, it now works very well. I decided to pay the £5 to unlock all of the features, and it was well worth it. Having multiple lights changing with the music in one room is no comparison to only having the one; and the ability to adjust the energy level allows for more intense flashing during parties and a more personalised atmosphere. The transition between Songs is smooth and for me, there is only a delay of 1 or 2 seconds, before the lights start changing with the beat of the next song. It took me a while to get used to, and appreciate, the way the lights change, but after having tried most of the other hue-music apps I found this one to be by far the best, as there is no lag between the music and the lights. Thank you!
  • Great App

    By MartinSummerfield
    Great fun. Good conversation piece and well worth the cost Many thanks
  • Honestly, avoid.

    By SadYorkshireman
    Like others I’ve found this app to be overpriced and overrated. Using my Apple Music account was hit and miss, took ages to manage to get it working ok (and I’m not a stranger to using Hue) and when it did work it didn’t work well. Most of the time the app took half the song to find the information of the track, almost every time the actual song being shown in the app was not the song playing and often it couldn’t find the song at all. This resulted in either completely random light shows or the lights simply being stuck doing nothing. Sorry but I can’t, with any conscience, allow others to pay quite a hefty price for what is a pretty poor app. It also feels like the very limited one light trial version is designed to force people to pay to upgrade, it’s a money grab. I’d quite like a refund too, if possible.
  • Thought it’d be good but it’s limited.

    By Desantos83
    Bit pointless that you can’t use any controls and you can only use ONE bulb in the free version without paying to upgrade. What’s the point in having 1 bulb flashing in the corner?? Deleted the app instead.
  • Disappointed

    By Rocket climb review
    Having to pay to use colour is not acceptable, these days you can’t do anything without paying Why make an app free if you can’t even try it out!