BeatMaker 2

BeatMaker 2


  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2011-02-06
  • Current Version: 2.6.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 744.05 MB
  • Developer: INTUA
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 164 Ratings


*** BEATMAKER 3 IS AVAILABLE NOW ! *** BeatMaker 2: Advanced mobile music workstation. Combining music production tools that were behind the success of countless artists, BeatMaker 2 is a powerful, easy-to-use composition interface for amateurs and professionals alike. Build your own virtual home-studio, create multiple instruments and connect them to a full-range of audio effects. Compose, record, arrange and transform your ideas into complete songs, ready to be shared with others. Import your own sounds or use the sound library provided: more than 170 high-quality instrument and drum presets from synthesizers to realistic orchestral sounds. You can even import songs from your iPod library! Connect your MIDI accessories for an external control of BeatMaker's instruments, effects and mixer, ideal for home-studio productions and live performances. Compatible with audio interfaces with the Camera Kit (iPad only). Works on all iPhone, iPod and iPad models starting with third generation devices (iPhone3GS, iPod3G 32GB, iPhone 4/4S/5, all iPads). * STUDIO: - Create multiple instruments with Drum Machine, Keyboard Sampler, Audio Tracks - 11 effects: Reverb, Compressor, Filter, Delay, EQ, Flanger, Chorus, AutoPan, BitCrusher, Overdrive, 6-Band Parametric EQ - 3 effect slots for each instrument - CoreMIDI support: connect your MIDI accessories to control instruments, effects and mixer. * DRUM MACHINE: - 128 trigger pads: 16 pads over 8 banks - Chop Lab: Slice audio loops to automatically create new sound presets - Control sound parameters on individual pad: volume, pan, mute, output bus, semitone, fine tune, reverse and autoscaling - Low/high pass filter per pad - Pad trigger modes: one-shot, hold & loop - ADSR Envelope ADSR control for each pad - Exclusive groups and polyphony management - "Live" modes: trigger, mute, reverse, velocity and tune spreading. - Pad copy & paste * KEYBOARD SAMPLER - 128-key keyboard with pitch wheel, double keyboard mode, note display and zoom controls - Easily create your own instruments from any sample combination with the keygroup editor - Volume and filter ADSR envelopes - Low/high pass filter with key tracking - 2 LFOs to control volume, pitch and filter parameters - Polyphony control, up to 32 voices - Legato play mode with glide - Velocity layers * AUDIO TRACKS: - Add audio tracks for recording and sample playback directly on the sequencer - Record multiple audio tracks simultaneously - Gain and noise gate on audio inputs - Support for disk streaming to load samples without consuming RAM * MULTI-TRACK SEQUENCER - Create unlimited instrument, audio and FX tracks - Automations: Record, edit and replay instrument and effect parameters - Record, draw, arrange and resize patterns along the timeline to build your song - Compose and modify patterns with a piano-roll interface. Edit notes, parameters and automations. - Instrument and effect recording options: Quantize, take or partial undo, pre-roll, Overdub, note erasing. * WAVE EDITOR - Full-fledged wave editor with intuitive interface for manipulating samples - Basic edition tools: trim, cut, copy, paste, with undo/redo - High quality time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithms - Audio tools: normalize, silence, reverse, fade in and out, cross-fade - Record new samples from microphone or instruments - Loop points and tempo/signature editor * MIXER CONSOLE - Realistic multi-track mixer with level meters - Edit volume, pan, solo, mute and bus routing features for each track - Four sends available for each instrument/audio tracks * LARGE SOUND BANK INCLUDED * SHARING & GLOBAL OPTIONS - MIDI files import/export - MIDI Out, Sync, Thru support - Virtual MIDI support - Korg's WIST support - Transfer files from/to your computer via iTunes or FTP - Import songs from your iPod library to create new remixes - Upload songs to your SoundCloud account - DropBox support - Share audio content via iOS pasteboard



  • Amazing

    By c t e
    I have been using this for about 6 years. Such an impressive piece of mobile software. I have made many tracks in it and am almost finished an album made entirely in BM2. So good. I love pulling my phone out in the park on a hot sunny day, or sitting on a bus with time to kill, and making beats. Looking forward to trying BM3 when I buy an iPad pro in the new year. Congrats to the Intua team on a job well done.
  • BeatMaker 2

    By Dazmane
    Why is there no beatmaker 3 for iPhone only iPad??
  • Help

    By 85Mickey
    How the hell do you loop whilst recording? I'm so frustrated 😠😠😡
  • Definitely a favourite. Solid & very good Music Production app

    By HonoRebeLion MJAS
    It is 2017 July 15th and where is BeatMaker 3? Why tell people a release date and not stick to it? What time today will it be available? And why didn't you tell us the Full details if you wasn't planning to make it available from after 12 midnight or 3Am the latest? Why make half of us wait a full year before informing us what iPads BM3 will be compatible for? That's Rude/Wrong! Where is BeatMaker 3/BM3? When is it going to be available for purchase? I feel to take stars off of my BM2 review because INTUA could be better with their customer service and curtesy and care! Because they should be the first to let us know details of availability and information of issues and hold ups! I will remove stars later on depending on how long they leave me waiting before they release the goods. And or explain the hold up?!! 👎 BeatMaker 2 is a very good Music Production app. It has most of the tools you find in a DAW It is very powerful and great for all music. And easy to use once you get to grips with the workflow. This app is serious piece of equipment along with your iDevices. Great App still going strong works well with other apps. 👍
  • Frustrating

    By Makote101
    Beatmaker 2 has the potential for brilliance, the fully interactive manner in which you can work with samples etc is indeed wonderful. But, and its a big but, the incessant Dropbox problems let it down considerably, and this is what sadly doesn't allow it to soar to greatness, or allow it also to be taken seriously by the proffesional market. Yes, it has the capacity to work with iTunes, but who has the capacity to store hundreds of Wavs on that application? I specifically reference Wav's as MP3's are not appropriate in this context. I have a paid for Dropbox account which reflects my large sample library in its entirerety, however after four months of technical support enquirys Intua could not solve the problem. Very frustrating indeed.
  • Still crashes!

    By Clivebangs
    Although this app has served me well in the past few years, the crashing is a huge let down and disheartening when you have put time and effort into a project!! The AIFF editing crash has been resolved which is great but now it crashes just when I have finished slicing samples and converting into a Preset file. Please fix these issues or hurry up with the release of a crash-free BM3!!! Great work in general though guys 👌🏼
  • Great got better with link

    By cray23
    Finally ableton link:) cheers guys
  • Fantastic for what it is

    By Mrapplewhore
    This app works well and I am able to produce synth work almost entirely using this app.
  • Time has aged this badly.

    By Jabra919
    For a similar price (if you buy the IAPs) you can get Auria or Cubasis. Close to £50...about $5,276.37sense! There's nothing new, different or jaw-dropping about Beatmaker2. I am struggling to find a good thing to say about it Thirty years ago we would have been agog, but in 2016 very very not so. It gets an extra star for being made with colours. Probably!
  • Good app but could be Great!

    By themusicbully
    I always use this app for the mic quality and layering up vocal hook ideas etc, it's a brilliant lil music sequencer as well as a beat program however the keyboard sounds could be more options and choices and better sounds. Other than that a good app to have.