Lookout – Security, Backup and Missing Device

Lookout – Security, Backup and Missing Device

By Lookout, Inc.

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2011-10-18
  • Current Version: 5.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 64.79 MB
  • Developer: Lookout, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 485 Ratings


We’re excited to introduce Safe Wi-Fi, a brand new security feature to keep you and your personal data safe and secure. ► NEW! Safe Wi-Fi: Protects you and your data from dangerous Wi-Fi attacks. Get peace of mind as you connect to Wi-Fi networks on the go, knowing that Lookout is checking to make sure your connection is safe and secure. Lookout keeps your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and everything on them, safe and secure. Lookout is the best way to protect your precious iOS devices from data loss, theft and other threats that put your personal information at risk. See why more than 100 million users trust Lookout to protect their devices! Lookout is the ONLY all-in-one security app that: - Locates your lost iPhone or iPad from anywhere, on any Internet-connected device - Automatically saves your device's location before it runs out of battery - Shows you the distance between your iPhone and Apple Watch Log in to Lookout.com from any computer, tablet or phone to: - Locate your lost or missing device on a map from Lookout.com - Sound a loud alarm to find your lost device if you think it’s nearby (even if you left it on silent!) - Display a custom ‘lost’ message on your iPhone or iPad screen, complete with contact details, to get your device back faster! - Call your missing device over the web from any web browser, in case you don't have another phone nearby. Note: this feature is only available if you do not have a passcode on your device. - Manage multiple devices from one account For even better protection, you can upgrade to Lookout Premium at anytime within the free app. For £2.29/month or £22.99/year, you get: - NEW! Safe Wi-Fi: Be alerted when a Wi-Fi network you join is dangerous or under attack - Breach Report: Timely alerts whenever a company, app or service you use suffers a data breach along with straightforward advice on how best to remediate the situation and protect your personal information - Theft Alerts: Get an email with the location of your iPhone or iPad when we notice behaviour that could mean it has been stolen - Note: Like all subscription in-app purchases, Lookout Premium auto-renews each month or year. To disable auto-renewing, go to the App Store -> Click on your Apple ID -> View Apple ID -> Manage Subscriptions and disable "Auto-Renewal". Note: Continued use of GPS to track your phone can decrease battery life. This version is compatible with iOS 9 and higher. If your device is running on iOS 8 or below, the Lookout app will continue to function as it does today, but you will no longer receive any updates to the app. To ensure your device has the most up-to-date protection, update your software by visiting the Settings section on your device. Privacy Policy: https://www.lookout.com/legal/privacy Terms of Use: https://www.lookout.com/legal/terms



  • Redundant...

    By Chrismusic486678
    I downloaded this app and it worked very well by notifying me that I was about to be parted from my phone but after removing the very piece of software most people downloaded it for in the first place it has failed in my opinion in justifying its existence.. I deleted it permanently and unless the proximity function is reinstated I will not reinstall it again. I cannot find another programme at the moment which does anything similar.
  • Absolutely useless.

    By gyimpity
    The only future I downloaded it for doesn’t work. The Apple Watch out of range function. Disappointed.
  • Good App But Causes Problem with Apple Watch Wifi

    By Abinash Puhan
    I like the app, but hate it now as it restrains my watch to connect to known wifi. Including all 2.4 Ghz secure networks. Once I deleted the app it worked. Reinstalling the app disconnected it from my home wifi. Please fix it so that I can start using it again.
  • Lose the advert for premium

    By Zammeree
    The app is useless. A designer somewhere thought it was a good idea to force an advert for the paid version as soon as the app opens. No one thought to include a close advert button. There is no way of getting rid of the ad rendering the whole app inaccessible.
  • Annoying

    By PoetikFotography
    I like this concept, but the amount of spurious pings I get is beginning to get annoying. I'm buzzed 3-4 times and HOUR on the lowest setting, even though my phone is constantly on me. I am guessing this picks up on dips in bluetooth strength, and i'm beginning to wonder if the dips are normal for a bluetooth device, otherwise why the hell am I getting so many alerts? Other than this, the rest of the features are redundant, since they are already available in the Apple environment. I'd just like an app with the single feature of letting me know when my phone is not close to my watch. Update: permanently deleted. The one thing to was useful for, warning you when you walked away from your phone, has been removed, rendering the app completely useless. Thankfully I have another device that accurately warns me when I've left my phone behind, without the annoying fake warnings.
  • Just one glitch

    By cathalmor57
    Safe Wifi, for some reason, disconnects me from my home Wifi; when my iPod is in locked mode. That never happened before that function was introduced. Needs to be fixed.
  • Rubbish

    By Dot373
    Can't even get it on. Tried to sign up - email and password don't match!!
  • Useless application

    By Rony1975r
    Absolutely useless app, not worth installing. Contact are already backed up in iCloud, so you don’t need to share contacts with a 3rd party app. Secondly the developer is also misleading by stating iOS doesn’t have an option to send last location when battery is critically low. This is an available option in iOS.
  • Removed the only useful feature!

    By Stevew80
    I (like many) downloaded this app for its ability to warn me on my watch when I was moving away from my phone. It did give false reports occasionally, but overall it was useful. Then the bloat began - first it was free security stuff, none of which was of any use whatsoever (accompanied with the tactic of let's scare everyone with horror stories so they will use our product) then they started wanting a monthly fee to use these useless features! But I persevered and just simply turned all the crap stuff off! Then they went and did an update that removed the only feature we actually wanted (because they cannot charge a subscription for it?) no warning, just bang feature gone, didn't even announce it in the upgrade text, we were left to find it hidden in the faqs! In my opinion, this is the worst kind of company, one that does not care or listen to its customers - my recommendation, avoid them and their apps!
  • Great

    By smkillzone
    Would recommend