My PlayHome

My PlayHome

By PlayHome Software Ltd

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2011-05-27
  • Current Version: 3.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 219.38 MB
  • Developer: PlayHome Software Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 776 Ratings


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  • My playhome 2018

    By Janshan
    In my playhome 2018 it would be nice if you can make the characters look different and also like there would be things to remind you also when you go in the game you would be able to decorate your characters to make them fat skinny and all those stout also you can choose apparent like if there are mean helpful that’s what I want but I just know for a fact that wont actually happen sometimes but your game is really amazing I 💕 I love playing with that game everyday but sometimes it can get a bit boring I’m not saying it in a mean way but you could add like my PlayHome mall my PlayHome hotel too that’s all I’m asking for
  • Amazing!

    By My cat TIA!
    Me and my older sister LOVE playing this game! But we would love it if you could maybe add to my play home with some of our requests: Could you go inside the car and put stuff in the boot and add car seats? A hotel A nursery A cafe/restaurant More shops More houses A pool (with swimming costumes and changing rooms) Thanks!
  • Amazing

    By Father Doyle
    Great app I love playing it but would love if you could add pets and more shops like a proper sweet shop a pet shop and a toy shop and add a babies crib in the second house

    By αиιмєιѕℓιfє
    I guess whenever certain special occasions or holidays come up there should be an update as in decorating the whole “playtown” in the theme the holiday is. For example ; for Christmas you would add an update as in decorating the places, putting Christmas trees, fairy lights and all. Halloween ; this occasion would be decorated by carved pumpkins and spooky Halloween costumes + more, think you get the idea. Overall the app always keeps me entertained, so well done! (hopefully you will see this review :3)

    By Peppercat 1220
    This game is awesome but could you do an update where you can drag clothes off the people because it’s a bit odd if their in the shower and their fully clothed, isn’t it? Please can you do that! Thanks!
  • My PlayHome

    By Huswas
    Good game, but when I tidy the house accidentally, it takes away all the clothes and things I brought and swapped. E.g. I normally swap clothes then I tidy the store to get the whole variety of clothes [even the other characters]. So when I tidy the house, the clothes I swapped go. You could change that. You could also try to add a few of these ideas/buildings: -flat -hotel -we can see computer and phone screen -order stuff -baby room in the new house -extra chair in new house kitchen -more clothes -shoes -hairdresser -police station -airport and aeroplane -pool -Resturant -furniture shop -painting and paint shop -sweet shop -water park -a different country -toy shop -more characters -clothes all the characters have -face paint that works -different shops -other peoples suggestions
  • My playhome review

    By baby-ricco-milo3
    I love all the playhome games , I am addicted. I think you should add a GIANT mansion and a new and larger family for example mother father , grandmother grandfather, about four children (each two boys and two girls)two babies(a boy and a girl) a dog and a cat a butler a maid and a cook They can all live together in the mansion the parents can share a room the grandparents can share a room , the girls can share a room and the boys can share a room the Butler maid and chef can either have their own room or share a room I don’t mind there could be a basement and an attic eg to put they’re Christmas decorations in and other things they could all wear quite fancy clothes since they’re quite Wealthy they could have a large car and a large back garden with a tree house and a pool and a swing set and a trampoline and slide for the children to play on there could also be a playroom for the children inside the house there could be a little nursery room for the babies and a little quiet area for the grandparents to have a quiet time to knit and sew and read they’re newspapers , they’re could be an office for the parents to work in and there could be more than one bathroom I really hope you love my idea and it would mean the world to me if you could use this in your next game or next update whatever suits best you could call it my playhome mansion and my name is Shannon I am 12 years old and sorry if this is quite late but PLEASE READ THIS ALL I LOVE YOUR GAMES .I just really hope your see this 😋
  • This is AWSOME

    By squidgy pink purple porpoise
    I have loved your games ever since they came out. I don't have any app suggestions but if you read this can you please add a baby nursery, crib, curtains for girl's room and bathroom, spoons and forks, bigger kitchen and a high chair into the new house also another car and wash. That is all but could you also make a bit so there is a play park in new house's garden maybe another house I just want you to know your games are amazing and will be even better if you add In some of the things I suggested I think most important is things for the baby. Another thing please can you allow girls to wear boy clothes and visa Versa as you might want a tom boy This is all I can ask please please a thousand pleases make a baby room and turn the parent room into another floor. Then you could have an en suite Thanks
  • Hi

    By Hooray yayayay
    I enjoy this game a lot I do, however, suggest more characters. Like teenagers and then possibly a high school. I also second the idea of having an airport and hairstylist. Thank you.

    By Lily06rose20
    I like the game Its good BUT it needs an update how long does it take to update a game!!!!!!!!