ABRSM Aural Trainer Lite

ABRSM Aural Trainer Lite

By The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (Publishing) Limited

Score: 3.5
From 90 Ratings


The OFFICIAL ABRSM Aural Trainer contains interactive challenges to help develop your music aural skills (listening skills). Anyone can use it, but it is designed around ABRSM’s aural tests for Grades 1 to 5. The app can be used in any order, however often you like, on your own or with your teacher. This app contains a limited amount of audio content for Grades 1 and 4. You may upgrade to all content for Grades 1 to 5 in-app. There is also a fully interactive interval trainer tool and guide to the aural tests in ABRSM graded music exams. Use ABRSM Aural Trainer to: • Improve your sense of pulse and metre (feeling the beat). • Exercise your musical memory (remember how music sounds and be able to repeat it or spot differences and mistakes). • Develop your confidence and accuracy at sight-singing (reading and singing the music you see). • Learn to describe dynamics, articulation, tempo and tonality. • Practise identifying the features in music that make-up its style and character. • Develop the skills to know when a piece of music was written. The app covers the following ABRSM aural test content: • Pulse and Metre • Echoes • Differences • Melodic Repetition • Sight-singing • Musical Features • Rhythmic Repetition • Metre Tackle each element in stages using the preparation exercises. All exercises are fully interactive. Each one gives you the opportunity to repeat the question, or to compare your response to the correct answer and hear the music again. The app also features supporting tools including an interval trainer, progress tracker and guides to the aural tests in ABRSM graded music exams. Many exercises are automatically marked by the application. Self-review and critical listening are also key to successful development of the musical ear, which is why the app provides tools for you to review and evaluate your performance against sample responses in all cases. Your progress is logged whenever you use the app, so you can always see at a glance the areas you might want to revisit.



  • Only grade 1 and 4!?

    By Mlg J.R
    I don’t know if this is just me, but it only lets me use grades 1 and 4. This is annoying because I am grade 5. Please update ABRSM lite. It was last updated a year ago...
  • Bad what's the need

    By Drigsours PLO
  • New logo doesn't show grades! Doh

    By Rodbyes
    Just updated and the new logo doesn't show the grades so I've 50/50 chance of getting right one- doh. What cranially challenged numpty thought that one up. Please correct ASAP.
  • Serious bug error

    By Harpoonist1
    This is a brilliant aural trainer & have used for years teaching in schools (when no piano available) to cover all areas of aural tests for ABRSM exams 1-5. I tell all pupils to buy it or the version for grades 6-8. However I'm giving it one star in the hope the following previously reported bug will be fixed. Initially I tried the 'lite' version before purchasing full version. Whenever there's an update the version returns to the 'lite' version with only grade 1&4 limited tests. You can restore purchase of full version from within the app. This is often very inconvenient because often I'll be teaching in an area with no mobile internet and without prior knowledge the app is the lite version after an update , I am then unable to restore purchases and have access to paid for app. Don't waste your time with lite version go straight to full version especially if you're a music teacher. It will save a lot of hassle.
  • Good trainer

    By Jfuvgevcjrandomname
    I found this to be useful. Bought the full trainer from within the app. Interval trainer is not that good as you can't automatically progress to the next interval, but the progress tracker is a nice touch. Couple of little niggles: purchasing from within the app means that the 'lite' text still appears on the button and I don't have access to the full app on the App Store. Also it is very difficult to complete a grade because tests are random, and obviously as you have completed a large number of them, the probability of seeing a new one gets lower and lower. It would be nice to have an option to see new tests only.
  • Doesn't work

    By Miss Rathburn
    Lets me download on my PC but I can't find it on my ipad mini. Not much use if it doesn't work
  • FAB

    By Ffgahdbf
    Really helpful
  • Disappointed

    By This game is cool!!!😜
    I have already taken my grade 1 last year and passed with a distinction without this app... Since then I have changed flute teachers and am planning to take my grade 2 next term. I don't find it fair that I should have to pay £5.00 in grade 2 yet if I was grade 1 or 4 I wouldn't have to pay anything. I have tried the grade 1 aural tests but they are to easy and as for the grade 4 aural tests I don't no half of what they saying! I'm quite dissapointed that Abrsm are making people pay for yet more things as this app is a great idea.😨
  • This has really helped me! :)

    By Pompom1213
    My music teacher showed me this app, and I downloaded it on my iPod! I whent in for my grade 1 a week later and I passed with merit! Thanks! This has helped me to pass! If u are going in for a music exam with this exam board, I advise u to get this!
  • Great

    By Monkeymoo543
    I'm going in for grade 1 on Thursday bit nervous. When my music Yeager came into school she showed me the app!! So when I went home I downloaded it. It's really useful cuz u can't really do the pulse an singing at home so it helps a lot an for when u are practicing!! I strongly recommend u download this app :D