Reflow Score Writer

Reflow Score Writer

By Gargant Studios

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2012-04-13
  • Current Version: 1.12
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 45.06 MB
  • Developer: Gargant Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 3
From 20 Ratings


Reflow is a full featured Tablature and Sheet Music Editor that can be used to create your own original scores in a very flexible and innovative way. Songs you write can be played back using the embedded software synthesizer. Reflow can also import and play any Guitar Pro*, PowerTab or MIDI file you can find on the Internet, giving you access to literally hundred of thousands of songs to learn and practice. The new Reflow engine allows you to modify your song while it's still playing, for a totally non interruptive workflow. Reflow can be used to compose and practice any song for Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Banjo, and many other instruments as long as it uses Standard Notation or Tablature. With its iCloud and Dropbox support, every change you make in a session with your band, will be waiting for you when you come back home. And it works seamlessly with the Reflow desktop app too. This is a great addition to your musical tools collection, at an affordable price. REVIEWS "Reflow Score Writer is a Killer App! Really well done and so easy to use!" - (rated 4 out of 4). FEATURES - iCloud enabled. - Dropbox enabled. - Retina enabled. - Import and playback any Guitar Pro*, PowerTab or MIDI file. - Works seamlessly with the Mac version of Reflow. - Export to MIDI, GP5, PDF and share your files by email. - Write your music using Tablature, Standard notation, Chord Diagrams and Chord Names. - Support of Piano Grand Staff. - Musical directions (Coda, Segno, …). - Flexible design allowing you to use different scores for each instrument of your song. - Full vector graphics PDF export for easy manipulation in Illustrator. - Many Guitar effects and articulations, such as Bend, Brush, Slides and much more. * Up to Guitar Pro 5.x version.



  • Doesn’t work for me

    By RBJ001
    For me it just hangs and closes every time I try to use it. (Open a midi file from my device) So sadly I am removing it now having been fleeced to buy Symphony SP, which is dead expensive, but works really well. Sorry.
  • Very promising

    By RobHDean
    I have tried several apps for writing both tab and sheet music and have found this app to be one of the best options. Whilst updates are not as regular as I would like, and the app still has a few rough edges, I feel the basic tab editing is more intuitive and efficient than any other iOS app can offer. The app can be used simply for guitar tab or can be used to create full scores of tab and/or traditional music notation. The import and export options are plentiful, although I've not found all the exported files to be reliably compatible. The MIDI drum mapping has given good results, but other instruments have been unpredictable: I know development is continuing on this. I was very reluctant to bother reading the manual, but found it straightforward when I did so, which is just as well because doing so is pretty much essential: I struggled to work some details of the app out without reference to instructions, but always found in the end that it could do what I needed. Some other apps do offer better sounding instruments for 'playback' of scores, and better emulate nuances like hammer ons and slides during audio playback. Some are rather more stable, though they all seem somewhat crash prone. However few apps can create printable tabs and scores as well as this one: PDF exports, whilst not perfect, are really very good indeed and the tools for editing the scores are intuitive and powerful, including easy ways to add notes, duplicate notes, double and halve note durations, split notes and and line breaks, all of which are common requirements missing from some competing tab/score editors. A genuinely useful app that does have a lot to offer.
  • Doesn't work very well

    By Baadeh
    Probably the worst thing I have ever bought. Doesn't even use two staves for piano, literally incorporates them into one. Utterly useless user interface, can't believe it cost me 4.99. DO NOT BUY
  • Drum score is Inaccurate

    By Cory mac
    The drum score is inaccurate, I bought it tested it and found they named the tons is the wrong order, and worst of all they put the toms on the wrong places on the score. Other than this its a good app. PLEASE FIX THIS BECAUSE THEN THIS APP WILL BE AWESOME
  • Great for drummers!!!!

    By cottonlegs
    This probably is a bit clumsy for people who want to write complicated pieces of music but for drummers using this app on an iPad it's great. I have only been using it for a day and most things seem to be in order although it's clear it needs the rough edges sorted out. Like I said ...for drummers it's the easiest drum scoring software around , worth the high price ( when it's had a few upgrades ). It's biggest drawback seems to be the lack of a repeat previous bar key.
  • Needs a lot of work

    By I Am An Airhead
    As it stands this app is worth barely one star. Maybe it will evolve into something decent if the developers take a serious look at it's weaknesses. It's certainly flakey, with features just not working half the time. Hopefully that will improve as they iron out the bugs (although not something they should be subjecting their purchasers to). But for me the biggest problem is the actual implementation. The promise of a notation app with a built in sound source on a touch-screen device was that this would be something like C-Lab Notator for the 21st century. I was envisaging how I would be able to touch and drag notes up and down and left or right to adjust their pitch or time placement; hearing the new pitch whenever it changed. Similarly with chords. The chord selection mechanism is fine, but once selected I want to manually interact with that chord with all the immediacy that a touchscreen device should offer - again hearing the chord at all of its transpositions as I move it up and down the stave. Instead, the only thing you can use touch gestures is for is to move around the canvas. This is obviously a use-case that exists when working on a large score, but that needs to be a switchable interaction: when you want to get into the flow of rapid notation, you really need to have the full gamut of touch interactions at your disposal for the part you're editing. That immediacy is lacking throughout. For example, why not touch and hold the clef symbol to bring up a menu of alternative clefts; touch and hold the key signature or time signature to see a similar means of changing the key or time signature; touch and hold the stave bracing to change the type of stave. etc. etc. Having to go into settings to change these things is excruciating. If done properly, this could a great notation app rather than just a toy. A lot of the functionality implies that they do have serious ambitions for the app, so I sincerely hope the developers are prepared to take a serious look at usability.
  • New version

    By Das.Boot
    Massively let down by this recent update. Previous version was just fine and not only did I lose all of the notations for my students with the update but it's impossible to setup notation quickly during lessons. Disappointed. Hope a thorough update is made soon.
  • Don't update!

    By Greybeard100
    Well thank you for updating the app and in the process wiping all the music I had created on my I-pad. Days of work lost without any warning!
  • Excellent

    By Pjd17mini
    Reference to the manual is a must, but once you get the hand of it, it's great - just what I needed & will probably encourage me to try writing more music!
  • Terrible

    By 19037462910
    This a terrible app. There is potential for a great ipad app for this purpose but this is not it. Do not buy it