Bike Doctor - Easy bike repair and maintenance

Bike Doctor - Easy bike repair and maintenance

By London Cyclist

  • Category: Sports
  • Release Date: 2012-07-14
  • Current Version: 2.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 54.45 MB
  • Developer: London Cyclist
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
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Have you ever wanted to maintain your bike yourself? Bike Doctor 2.0 has been created to make bicycle maintenance as simple as possible. Not everyone is a technically minded bike mechanic. Sometimes, reading the instructions for a bike repair, it can feel that way. That's why we've designed Bike Doctor to be as easy to follow as possible. Making it suitable even for a complete beginner. It is an app I wish I had available to me, when I first started cycling. Using the step by step instructions you will: ◆ Save money on bike shop repairs (Even a simple puncture repair in a bike shop costs upwards of $15) ◆ Know how to detect problems ◆ Repair any issues that arise, such as squeaks and poor performance ◆ Learn how to safety check your bike to be sure it is always ready to ride ◆ Keep your bike running smoothly for years to come Inside the Bike Doctor app you'll discover: ◆ How to repair and prevent punctures ◆ How to detect if your brake pads are worn out and replace them (Including Disk Brakes) ◆ How to clean your bike ◆ How to lubricate your bike ◆ The 7 rookie bicycle maintenance mistakes you should avoid ◆ How to adjust your headset ◆ How to wrap handlebar tape ◆ How to adjust your gears ◆ How to true a bicycle wheel ◆ How to fit a new chain and rear cassette(A very common yearly repair!) ◆ How to bleed disk brakes ◆ How to remove and replace a bottom bracket ◆ How to replace brake and gear cables ◆ And that's just scratching the surface! We've got all the most common repairs in the app and we're constantly asking for feedback from users of our app to discover what repairs they would like added - and then adding these in. Bike Doctor 2.0 is the new version of the original best-selling Bike Doctor. The original version has been downloaded over 10,000 times and received coverage in some of the most popular cycling magazines including Bicycling and Cycling Plus. The Bicycle is the ultimate in independence - learn how to keep yours maintained and in tip-top condition to insure it is always ready to get you to your destination! Here are some of the many 5 star reviews we've received: "I'm over the moon with this app I read somewhere about truing wheels and it said don't bother unless you are a pro, but I've just sorted my wheels out a treat. The app paid for itself straight away." "Great app, worth every penny saved money on a service already !!!!" "This is a good App for the keen cyclist, as a Cytech technician I recommend this App." "Excellent application with some nice clear photos. Explanations are concise but personal, the writer has a passion for cycling and it shows, which makes for a refreshing experience." "Very comprehensive explanations, great photos, easy to use." Bike Doctor has been created by Andreas Kambanis of London's most popular cycling blog: For a video of the Bike Doctor App in action please head to



  • Not for Total Novice

    By Boudicca3
    I have to admit to not having needed to use this App in an emergency but just reading through it I am terrified. I have returned to cycling after 30 years - and reading the bit on 'what to do if you get a puncture' I don't think I could cope at all. Also I've never heard of anyone have a spare inner tube in their bag - is this normal? Maybe it is but I have no idea of knowing. I find my bike hard to manoeuvre though it's very light 10kg - I have to take the front wheel off and undo the brakes when at home to hang it on the wall and it takes me 40 minutes to put the wheel on and adjust the brakes, each and every time. I just know, if I got a puncture out with my bike, I'd be helpless as I'm not sure what I'd do -- I bought this App so I wouldn't feel helpless but it's just made me feel worse. Isn't there something out there for the complete beginner? Please?
  • Great app, definitely recommend

    By PhillipMeyer
  • Absolute Rubbish

    By The Town Cryer
    This App is OK for 6yo kids with bikes with stabilisers. I've had the free version for a few years now and what I was expecting for my money in Version 2.0 was an improvement in the repair skills. I know how to oil my chain. I want to know how to maintain my Disk Brakes I've just done £3 in Please show your metal and address the level of technical skills in the App.
  • Helpful

    By Old Walrus
    A very useful aide-memoirs that can be carried on rides and propped up in the garage for fettling duties! Easily understood, even a d.i.y dunce like me can use it😊
  • This is a great app

    By Alexekmm
    I've found this really useful. I'm female, retired, and the only cyclist in the household and have had to teach myself to do many of the basics of caring for my road bike myself. This app, combined with some good YouTube videos, has proved a great combination to learn from. The explanations are simple and well-written and the photos are good. Even where it's a different type of bike being modelled, I can usually relate it to my own bike. I always use it when I have a job to do... Today's was fitting a new chain for the first time.
  • Okayish

    By Mortalbug
    Changing the cassette on my bike I bought this app to help as I hadn't done it in a year or two. However, I found the instructions laboured and cumbersome. A search on YouTube gave me much better instructions and was free.
  • Good app but feel conned

    By StripeyJ
    Great app, however feel very let down that Iv had to pay for it twice.Bought it last year and when I tried to re download it I was charged again
  • It's good, but lacking in content

    By War4GamerZ
    The content that's there is ok. Was expecting a little more really. Would be nice to see it also cover HandCycles as there are some differences to look out for. Think it could also be expanded to have info as well to cover certain subjects for those wanting more from the app
  • Robbed

    By Sidneyjames
    What a waste of money. I'm no expert but what I have just read is pretty basic. As a lot of modern cycles have disc brakes surely that should be included as that is a little more technical. Would I get a refund as I already know how to oil a chain. I doubt it.
  • Fantastic!

    By Beanie_70
    As a complete novice who is happy to get his hands dirty having s try and learning, this app is amazing! Brilliantly simple step by step guides and a must for anyone who is prepared to have a try. I'm not in the habit of writing many reviews, so for me to do this, I must be happy!