What's In My Freezer

What's In My Freezer

By Intelligent Maintenance LLC

Score: 4
From 15 Ratings


What’s in my Freezer™ has always been one of our most popular apps Now, it has just got even better! In response to requests from customers, What’s in my Freezer now comes with two freezers as standard and the option to purchase more freezers as an in-app purchase, Spotlight search let’s you find things immediately without even opening the app and in addition to the automatic age indicators you can set an expiry date of your own What’s in my Freezer™ will help you to • Know what you’ve got frozen • Know what you need to make or buy • Know where everything is • Know when it needs to be used by • Save time when you need to find something • Save money by using what you’ve got • Save money by not buying things you already have • Free up space So easy to use • Enter an item and quantity • Allocate to a Freezer, Location and a Category • Select Frozen, Make or Buy • Add notes if you wish Then • Browse to see what you’ve got and what’s getting out of date • Filter by any combination of Freezer, Location and Category • See what you need to Make or Buy to replace what you’ve used • Email yourself or someone else to let them know what you have or what you need • Backup, Restore and Share to Dropbox What’s in my Freezer™ is a product from Intelligent Maintenance LLC



  • Needs a way of sharing the data

    By Macloyalist
    This looked like just the right freezer-managing app for us, but sadly we couldn’t sort out sharing data between my husband’s and my iPhones. Backups to Dropbox is fine for literally backing up, but we couldn’t find a way to get his copy of the app to see my backup, even via ‘sharing’ it in Dropbox. We gave up when we realised we’d be forever having to manually back up and restore to update our data, even if we could figure it out. Sad, because it does seem well designed and straightforward.
  • Fabulous support

    By Johngg-uk
    I have been using this app for over a year on my iPad and it has transformed the way I use my freezer. I now know were everything is and how long it has been there. I use Dropbox to sync with my iPhone for when I am shopping so that I don't over purchase. This syncing stopped working when Dropbox updated their app and I reported this to the developer, who fixed the problem in under 24 hours. Now that is what I call service.
  • Useful app to help you keep track of your freezer contents

    By Eckypotamus
    Straight forward to use Allows you to define your own categories and locations to help when filtering Obviously only as good as the data you enter into it
  • Great app - just what I need

    By FelineUk
    I downloaded other free apps but they were cumbersome to use or didn't say which drawer or shelf the item was in or didn't permit multiple freezers. This app is pricey but does hold the info well. You can stipulate which drawer / shelf it's in. I like the app but still feeling guilty about making the purchase, perhaps £2.99 app price is more realistic.
  • Not over impressed

    By helter-skelter77
    Made the plunge to buy, as no free preview version. Bit disappointed. Would have liked the ability to sort based on 'what's been in freezer the longest'. Also, would have liked some kind of visual icon to show meat, fish, vegetables, meal etc .... everything just shows as one long list with no visual help. You can filter the list, but icons would have made finding things so much quicker and easier. Overall, I'd rate it 2 stars. It's better than pen and paper.
  • Nothing cold and nasty about this app

    By Pixiecat13
    Got the app and started using it, realised I needed certain things different, so contacted the customer support and explained. I had a very friendly rapid response. Explaining in very easy terms how I could tailor it to my way. Well worth it. Fantastic. Saw they also have other useful apps, go have a look. Thank you for a wonderful app.
  • Great app

    By Mortimermousemax
    have used many apps to sort my freezer contents - this is the best by far.
  • Chill out with this excellent app

    By Gone to the dogs
    Used various shopping lists, or spread sheets in the past. They left a lot to be desired. This app fulfils those desires. It allows very effective sort parameters, as well as sorting foodstuffs in alphabetical order. If you want to know the mysteries inside your big box filled with frozen food, buy this app. I have no knowledge of who the developers are, am just a UK housewife/ worker, who through this app, now can simply find what we can have for tea from the freezer with this app. Well done developer, thank you.
  • Really like it!

    By Kevro31
    This app would be perfect if it could read bar codes BUT even so it does what it promises on the tin. Simple, easy to use, AND integration to Dropbox makes it useable over multiple devices. Great app!
  • Ms

    By Wavytop
    Fantastic app. Could not be so organised without it! Highly recommended.