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RAD Video

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RAD Video is an authorised application of the Royal Academy of Dance and contains video content from the RAD’s Graded and Vocational Graded Examinations in Dance for the study and development of RAD teachers and students. These syllabi challenge students to meet the highest technical and artistic demands of current ballet training and performance, while also providing a way to find enjoyment, achievement and self-expression through dance. Each title can be purchased individually within the application, and the video content replicates that seen on the DVDs available for sale through RAD Enterprises, www.radenterprises.co.uk. Video content is then downloaded to your device, for viewing offline at your leisure. Further titles will be uploaded to this application for download over time. Current titles available via this app: • Pre-Primary in Dance (male/female) ©2008 • Primary in Dance (male/female) ©2008 • Grade 1 Ballet (male/female) ©2011 • Grade 2 Ballet (male/female) ©2011 • Grade 3 Ballet (male/female) ©2011 • Grade 4 Ballet (male/female) ©2013 • Grade 5 Ballet (male/female) ©2013 • Grades 6-7 Ballet (male) ©2014 • Intermediate Foundation Ballet (male/female) ©2010 • Intermediate Ballet (male/female) ©2010 • Advanced Foundation Ballet (male/female) ©2013 • Advanced 1 (male/female) ©2015 • Advanced 2 (female) ©2013 • Advanced 2 (male) ©2015 The Royal Academy of Dance is one of the world’s most influential dance education and training organisations with over 13,000 members worldwide and a presence in 70+ countries. We promote knowledge, understanding and practice of dance internationally. The RAD delivers a number of national and international competitions, bursaries, scholarships and community events such as the world renowned Genée International Ballet Competition. Every year, approximately 230,000 candidates enter for RAD Examinations, Presentation and Demonstration Classes, Class Awards, and Solo Performance Awards. Royal Academy of Dance Enterprises Ltd. (RADE), the commercial arm of the RAD, is authorised by the Royal Academy of Dance to sell products and goods using the Academy’s logo and brand name. All profits made by Royal Academy of Dance Enterprises Ltd. are gift-aided to the Royal Academy of Dance. ROYAL ACADEMY OF DANCE, RAD, RAD PRE-PRIMARY IN DANCE, RAD PRIMARY IN DANCE and SILVER SWANS are registered trademarks® of the Royal Academy of Dance. RAD INTERMEDIATE FOUNDATION, RAD INTERMEDIATE, RAD ADVANCED FOUNDATION, RAD ADVANCED 1, RAD ADVANCED 2, RAD CLASS AWARD, RAD SOLO PERFORMANCE AWARD, DANCE TO YOUR OWN TUNE, CBTS and KARSAVINA SYLLABUS are unregistered trademarksTM of the Royal Academy of Dance. The use or misuse of the trademarks or any other content of this resource, without prior written permission from the Royal Academy of Dance, is strictly prohibited. Copyright and all other intellectual property rights are reserved by the Royal Academy of Dance. Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting, copying and hiring of this resource prohibited.



  • Not great

    By Soo2264
    I got this App a few weeks ago and purchased the Grade 3 Ballet. It is very expensive and whilst it was helping my daughter, the sound kept failing, not much use! Eventually after switching it off and on a few times, I gave up and uninstalled it. When I went to reinstall they did not recognise that I had purchased the videos. Better going to YouTube, it’s free!
  • Very difficult to use

    By Unhappy 1st reviewer
    I purchased on my phone, but when trying to open it on IPad for my daughter to practice, it does show as purchased. Also the sound doesn't play on IPhone through speakers.
  • Very frustrating

    By Avatrol
    Downloaded along with Grade 4, eventually after alleged connection problems. Main problem is no sound. Most expensive app ever downloaded by miles and nothing but problems. Unacceptable.
  • Good but not excellent

    By Mexican dreamer
    This app is very handy if you need to study or practice the exercises when not with your teacher. It works smooth every time I use it, it took a little bit to download but was because of the internet connection. I gave it 3 stars because you can't see the content offline meaning I have to stream it if not connected to Wi-fi and secondly because they don't have all the material available (Grade 6-7 female, that it's my next one).
  • Coll

    By Raglan school
    Game so cool love it
  • Great App.

    By Kittyboo80
    I got this after being advised from RAD themselves and it's cheaper than buying from their website. Works very smoothly on my phone with fast download speed. A must for when practicing outside of class. No faults so far, a brilliant app. I highly recommend it. If it doesn't work then it's more to do with your internet as so far it works brilliantly for me. Not sure if you need to stay connected to the Internet to play videos though or if you can play them offline. Overall I see not fault so far. It would be nice to have little notes as to what to look out for like the instructions your teacher would give you. But I may get the book for that.
  • Refund required !!!

    By cbrod99
    Paid £14.99 for grade 3 ballet video but does not show in downloads. This app clearly needs attention.
  • Video not downloaded .. But paid for.

    By Amy_f89
    I downloaded the grade one syllabus to my iPad. iTunes have taken £14.99 from my bank account however the video has not downloaded which is very annoying. When I click on purchased no video appears and I'm taken back to the main menu. I have reinstalled the app but nothing has happened. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do, the videos are expensive and I feel I have wasted my money!
  • RAD you must try harder!

    By TLC-150
    When this works it is a great app, you can watch the syllabus as many times as you like especially if you are struggling with a particular section. What is really frustrating is if you have taken the app off your device for any reason, it is impossible to restore the items. And yes, removed the app and reinstalled as suggested by the RAD's website. When each syllabus is in excess of £10 and most closer to £20,RAD must do better to make the app helpful to the user. How can they block your purchase multiple times, when any other app does not do this?? Makes me reluctant to buy future syllabuses....
  • Very convenient but I need sound!

    By K3Z14
    I love that I can watch the syllabus from my phone, it's perfect! However the video plays without any sound. Very unhelpful when trying to learn the exercises. Please help!