NLife UK & Ireland - Offline GPS Navigation, Traffic & Maps

NLife UK & Ireland - Offline GPS Navigation, Traffic & Maps

By Wazado Mobile Applications B.V.

Score: 3
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Join the millions of users that have already chosen NLife as their favourite travel companion! Always Free: offline Maps, Map Viewer, Route Planner, extensive POI database. Available upgrades: turn-by-Turn GPS navigation with lifetime map updates included, worldwide traffic information, speed cameras and even more premium features. NLife does not require DATA connection and does not imply data charges like other navigation solutions. If you travel using roaming, pay for your data, have bad network coverage, slow network quality, or just want things fast and simple, this is the right navigation app for you. You will never need to worry about loosing signal, because NLife can work completely offline! High quality TomTom maps are stored on your phone, which means no roaming, waiting for a connection or extra data charges for navigation. NLife is always available, even in airplanes, so you can plan your next travel with 100% confidence that it will work at NO cost. _______________________________________ MAIN FEATURES: Superior GPS Navigation - Powerful 3D map rendering at blasting speed - Full voice routing guidance with street names (Text-to-Speech) - Latest routing calculation technology - Lane Assistance - Possibility to choose from various routing alternatives before starting navigation - Fully interactive maps even during navigation - Once you arrive at your destination, NLife will help you find a place to park your car. - Find and navigate to any contact stored on your phone, or any Facebook or Foursquare contact Enhanced interface - Quick search, accessible right from the map screen - Amazing 3D city models - Explore maps, search and calculate routes: Always FREE! - Full search history - Turn any location into “Favourite” with one tap - Multi-touch map browsing Premium Add-ons - Traffic* - Speed Cameras** - Access Wikipedia places*** - Integrated Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Foursquare connectors for searching and sharing*** - Directly call a Point-of-Interest or visit its website*** - And a lot more to come in future updates, which will turn NLife into your favourite companion. _______________________________________ MAPS INCLUDED: IRL, GBR _______________________________________ ADDITIONAL MAPS: Choose from a vast selection of offline maps provided by TomTom, with guarantee of the latest data available and free updates forever. More than 150 different countries included There’s a whole World around you. Go! Experience! Share! _______________________________________ Please note the following: • When installing the app, make sure your phone is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network due to the pre-installed map data. • Never let the navigation instructions interfere with your driving. • When using NLife while driving, never hold your phone on your hands. Place it on a standard holder, with a clear sky view. • Allowing GPS to run in the background for extended periods can lead to a significant reduction in battery life. *available as an in-app purchase **camera updates available as in-app purchase ***this feature requires internet access; mobile data charges may apply.



  • Mr M A RAHIM

    By Babarahim
    Just started using it so far it's looking good but I will have to wait a few days to give it an appropriate rating
  • What's happening?

    By Sleighbird
    I've just downloaded this. Seems like I've signed up for £7.99 for safety cameras. Not even put in my Apple ID to agree this and definitely not wanting to pay for this. Worried I may end up with a big bill I've decided to delete the app and stick to the one I already use. Very disappointed.
  • Cheap, in all areas

    By ferrycraigs
    Beware of this company. They only want you to buy their product; after that you're on your own. The Customer Service is a FB page, which they don't reply to. Months can pass with no response, then they answer the wrong question or tell you to download new maps via one of their other products. When the App works it's great. But pretty soon there will be a problem and they WONT WANT TO KNOW. Their last product was NAVV, another car GPS system. At the time there were LOTS of posts about previous NDRIVE customers who were then left in the lurch. The same appears to be happening now. NAVV suddenly loses lots of features and you are invited to buy NLife, yet another version. If you have a question about how to say, get speed cameras back on NAVV, their answer is not how to do it, rather that NAVV is fully functional and they will continue to provide support. They have NEVER provided support to me when I have asked them; several times. This is a cheap product so buy it if you are prepared to have to buy another product in a few years. Perhaps financially a good model, as it is cheaper than other leading brands.
  • Very Good

    By Reedybloke
    No data connection, no map. I live in Cumbria and 3g connectivity is sparse to non-existent. I have tried other offline map apps and liked this the best. Gives up to date data on traffic etc for a one off payment of a meal for two in a fast food outlet. Haters gonna hate. For me, well worth the money. Chill Najmeno, the infernal interweb wasn’t built just for you.
  • Why would anyone pay for this crap

    By Najmeno
    This is a waste of time space and money. When Google Maps and Waze are out in the App Store all these paid navigation craps should be removed as they are all useless
  • Full app went back to trial

    By Tony from the toon
    Wasted my money on this, no feedback options to advise they stole my money then took the full app off me! Avoid like the plague
  • Got me from Yorkshire to Exeter fine. Speed camera info unreliable though.

    By Micklev
  • good work

    By Ayaank6
    but u need to price down
  • Good idea but needs more work

    By Barfgwyn
    The basic idea is really sound. You download the street map into your phone so you can navigate with or without an Internet connection. That's just what I want. But it's infuriating to use. If I'm trying to plan a route - and the start point is not my current location - it's really bloody fiddly. Take a lead from the AA or RAC online route planners. They're so easy to use. Enter the start location, enter the destination and bingo, there's your route.