By Actions

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2015-12-17
  • Current Version: 1.2.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 160.46 MB
  • Developer: Actions
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 2.5
From 37 Ratings


Quadro is a smart controller for your MAC and WINDOWS computer, a sort of external Apple Touch Bar. Create touchable shortcuts to accomplish any digital task, launch every application and all of their actions, automate them, perform online researches, manage your communications and much more, just like you have always dreamed of… with a single tap! (just like with the new TouchBar!) Its purpose is to simplify and empower computing tasks, streamline your workflow to help you stay focused and be more productive, while making you feel like a sci-fi spaceship captain - not too shabby, uh? Whether you need turbo for your professional workflow or a smoother, more efficient computing experience, you just found the right tool for the job. Quadro is great at: - speeding up your editing workflow for Audio, Video, Photography, Design - quickening the change of context, from task manager to chat, from documenting and note taking to web browsing - boost your online search experience with search automations - automating cross-platform and cross-application tasks and data transfer - making the process of learning software super-easy for newbies and oldies but most of all: - making your co-workers blush with envy :) Control your native or web applications with our many included free presets (find the list at the bottom), or activate Quadro premium and customise its functions and look to fit your necessities and reflect your style. Create your own control palettes for softwares and tasks you use the most, set up your own shortcuts, and when you are done don’t forget to share them with your peers. With Quadro do everything you did before, but in a better and more direct way! Quadro is available for iPhone and iPad, is compatible with OSX and Windows and can control every native and web application. It includes 10 categories of actions a smart keyboard and may cause a mild work addiction. Features: • Control your favorite apps thanks to 100+ built­-in interface presets • Connect via Wi-Fi or USB • Add or remove functions from your personal interfaces • Customise how actions look • background (with colors, gradients or custom images) • size (7 dimensions) • icon (use symbols or artworks, 1600+ included) • Create new interfaces from scratch for native and web applications • Add multiple screens to a single interface to keep your tasks organized • Easily create macro sequences and automate your workflow • Type from your device to your computer with Keyboard • Glide and select text with the Smart Arrows • Launch nested actions in a snap with fluid gestures • Immediately recall your most used applications thanks to the Favorites section • Automatic connection to known computers • Share and install interfaces with a simple link • Long-press an action to get information about it • Connect multiple devices to a single computer (Star Trek mode) • Automatically assign icons to new actions • Global gestures for the most common commands (copy, paste, undo, redo and more) • Custom-designed UI sounds • Energy saving mode • Auto-recall of interfaces for software in focus • Compose your actions choosing among 10 action categories • Application (invoke menu actions (OsX only), launch shortcuts, launch iOs actions...) • Contacts (send messages, emails, calls...) • Text (create snippets, modify strings...) • Files (work with files) • Media (control audio/video playback) • Web (launch pages or perform searches) • System (sleep mode, display luminosity, empty trash…) • Windows (move application windows around) • Flow control • Scripting Additional details: • Secure 256bit aes encryption • Available on iOs 8 and latter • Compatible with both Mac & Windows PCs • Back-up of user generated contents



  • Will not renew

    By Shavenraver
    I am a subscriber paying the yearly pass for all the features. With zero updates and broken promises, I won't be renewing. The annual subscription is questionable anyway - what service do they offer beyond the sale of the software? Dropbox and Evernote provide an actual service that requires year round support. What do Quadro do? Not even update their own software apparently. I'll have to think about another solution - shame.
  • Cannot use without creating account

    By JonTuc
    Looks interesting and useful. However after going through the process of downloading the app and installing sync software on the Mac it insists on an email signup before you can even try it out. I’d have happily given it after I’d played with it for a while but to make you hand over before can even use it once. Not good. Deleted.
  • Good But...

    By FiveStormer
    Lots of downloads. I'm not sure if this is safe so please review and type the answer ( Safe or not? ) ( Only review the answer if you know it ) But I still use it.
  • Broken promise?

    By Spookyzootoo
    Nearly 2 years ago I paid for Hero subscription as I was promised that 'trackpad' functionality was close to release in Quadro. However it seems things are currently very quiet from the Quadro team, no posts, tweets or blog posts in the past 6 months?! Can we please have some news/ reassurance that those new features are coming? Thanks.
  • waste of time

    By Ratariat
    It looks like if it worked it might be great, but I just wasted a lot of time installing on mac and ipad, and after several tries on wifi and USB, it won't go past the connection screen. Troubleshooting page on website offers no tips. Deleting
  • Meh

    By Leonlronleon
    Meh it's an alright concept and I get the idea but it's such a mess, and I usually find things very easy to use from the get go, but I feel like this is just a more time consuming app and deffo not worth the money, also "fails to send actions" to a lot of apps I've used and then the app just gets confused, but oh well at least there's a trial period
  • Hidden costs, Accounts and Misleading hooks

    By Raybeano99
    After coming back for a length of a year to see if anything changed but to my upmost surprise they, the developers have made it worse. Let me explain: Removed the One off payment: so now you have no choice but to spend a yearly sum of £18 (GBP) and £3 to unlock a keyboard. Understandable people have to eat but paying the app before download would be much better. They give about a week or less free trial but that's all. Still haven't updated the app description: The app still after all this time they haven't made an effort to warn uses that they will have to subscribe and make an account (which you have no control over) to do anything. If you don't pay every year, you cannot do an eighth if the features that they describe or even add. Effectively misleading people to download and that isn't cool. At least let us know! The free trial DOES NOT WORK: Remember that trial I said earlier well... yeah... Now this has been an issue from the start and it still hasn't been fixed! how do I know? Made a new account and nope...no trial and if I recall it is something to do with the AM/PM clock on the iPad or something.... Account self limits: Now you have to make an account to use the app, no big deal most apps do that now for upcoming developments and such but they give you simple control over it and you can delete it at anytime. Simple. Not here though, you have to email the people and they will take a week to do so which isn't bad but could be done much better adding in an account settings bit wouldn't be an impossible task. The account allows for backups of the buttons and to share them. Theres a few more things but really... It isn't worth it sure if you have the money but... Ehh Its a cool, awesome program but money seems to be the developers main goal that or it's just a genius idea painted a bit... Out of colour. Just needs massive improvements and tinkering. Raylun, xx
  • So fantastically handy and awesome but...

    By Newlands
    I downloaded this for my iPhone 7 and iPad Pro. Installation was easy as pie on both my PC and Mac, just installed the software from the website and off I went. My uses for this are wide, productivity for my business, media control for Plex and iTunes, controlling HomeKit devices and finally hotkeys for games. All worked great on the iPad... iPhone however was not the same story! Upon opening it crashes every single time. I'm sure it will be fixed soon and if not I won't be subscribing again next year. This is near perfect but only if it works.
  • Good

    By paullloydjohnson
    Really want to love this but I spend most of my time in InDesign and it doesn't work with it! P
  • Awesome for productivity

    By Jon Provost
    What a perfect app. This has increased my productivity massively while I've been using it. The app is being developed constantly so new functionality is being added all the time. I didn't strictly need the premium features but I wanted to support the developers. I do want to suggest features for the app but I am not sure where to do this yet.